Common Consumer Questions About California's Proposition 65

Text of Prop 65 Warning:
  • WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
What is wrong with your product?
  • Nothing! We are proud of our products. We sell high-quality products that meet all state, federal and local safety laws.
Why do you put this label on your products?
  • Under California law, companies must provide this warning if their products contain any chemicals on the State of California’s list of 850+ chemicals that may cause cancer or reproductive harm.
  • This label is approved as a “reasonable warning” in regulations adopted by California’s Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Proposition 65 allows Californians to sue a business that does not put this warning on their products.
  • Our products meet all state, local, and federal safety laws.
What is Proposition 65?
  • Proposition 65 is a California law passed by California voters in 1986. Its formal name is the "Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986."
  • Prop 65 requires the state to keep a list of substances that may cause cancer or reproductive toxicity in humans or animals. You can get more information about Prop 65 on Californa’s website,
  • Prop 65 requires businesses to warn customers if they will be exposed to an amount that is more than one-thousandth of the amount that causes no effect (for reproductive toxins) or that would cause more than one case of cancer in 100,000, assuming that exposure every single day for a lifetime.
  • Prop 65 does not regulate the amount of chemicals in products. It just requires a warning.
  • Prop 65 does not prohibit selling any product. It just requires a warning.
  • Our products meet all federal, state, and local safety laws.
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